District A

District stretches from the dam at swimming area Bela downstream to the dam at Kavčič.


  • Only one fly tied.
  • All types of artificial flies (dry, wet, nymphs, streamers).
  • All types of fly lines, leaders, and tippets (sinking, floating).
  • Flies tied to one hook with no barb – hookless.
  • Fishing allowed from official sunrise to sunset (data from Environmental Agency of Slovenia).

Mandatory gear

  • Fishing permission and pencil
  • Lenght gauge
  • Forceps/Clamps
  • Knotless landing net

Not allowed

  • Extra weight of fly line, leader, tippet or flies
  • Indicators of any type
  • Fishing from bridges, roads, dams, or similar structures
  • Moving between districts (depending on the permission type)

Catch & Release

  • Barbless hooks
  • Fast landing (use stronger leaders, tippets, and rods)
  • Knotless landing net
  • Wet hand handling of fish with minimum touching
  • Photos with fish allowed at the water surface, possibly with fish head in the water
  • Forbidden to hold fish high in the air above water surface
  • Gently hold fish in current until fish swims away on her own

Catch & Harvest

  • Kill the fish fast and humane as possible.
  • Fishing stops after catching three (3) Salmonidae.
  • Allowed daily harvest is 5 kg or 1 fish above 5 kg, or 2 fish above total weight of 5 kg.
  • In a day only 1 marble trout and one grayling can be harvested.
  • When fisherman reaches harvest quota, he must stop fishing.

Fishing allowed: